good alternatives to Vesrah pads?

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Thu Mar 19 11:39:56 PDT 2009

On Mar 19, 2009, at 11:16 AM, andy at wrote:
> Although only on the street,

As I've gotten faster I've found that what I need on the street and  
what I need on the track are nearly polar opposites.  The street pad  
needs to work on a cold, damp morning at slow speed for the first stop  
sign.   The racing pad needs to deliver maximum stopping power at high  

I use galfer on the street and used to use them on the track and used  
to love them.  But when the Vesrah pads first came in the wrong type,  
I borrowed a set of Galfer's new "track and sport" pad for an Infineon  
and found myself turning into a deeply religious person, going into  
every single corner squeezing the living crap out of the brake and  
waiting waiting waiting for it to do something.  It was a nightmare.

So I'll check these out, but I'm deeply cautious at this point about  
anything used safely by street riders.

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