good alternatives to Vesrah pads?

Brad Duncan mcrcr906 at
Thu Mar 19 12:45:30 PDT 2009

If this is for the SV(gsxr front I assume) the standard RJL's are awfully good, IMO. I use them on my 750. Having said that I've not used the srjl's yet but I hear they have more bite than the rjl and might not suit your taste..If that would get you through, Parts Unlimited has lots of 344rjl's in stock if you have a nearby dealer.

Brad Duncan

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Not the same.  I got these back in January and didn't read the box and
pulled off the rotors and was staring at the pads and the rotor before I
realized they had no chance of fitting.  So we gave them back to Alex and I gave
him the explicit part number I needed.  3 months, and I get the exact same

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> aren't those same?
> did you try them on?
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>> Apparently Vesrah really doesn't want my business.  Or Alex Florea
 really doesn't want me to have the pads.  Or both.
>> I've been trying to buy Vesrah pads since September of last year,
back  when I first tried them out on the GSXR1000.  No product, no product,  no
product until finally January this year, and guess what -- wrong  pads.  I asked
for VD-344SRJL which fits GSXR750 00-03.  I received  VD-349SRJL which fits
GSXR750 96-99.
>> After 3 more months I finally get a replacement order.  With the same 
wrong pads.  Again with the 349 pads.
>> Okay, so awesome pads but apparently you have to be in the "cool
club"  to get a set of them, and I'm not in the cool club.
>> Are there any pads out there which are comparable to Vesrah, where I 
can place an order and get a pair in a reasonable time frame?
>> I'm missing the opening AFM round at Buttonwillow because of this 
drama.  And thank you if you want to offer me a pair of pads to get me  through
the weekend, but I got so annoyed by the situation last  Thursday I completely
forgot to do the signup so it's too late now.
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--Jo Rhett /  velociRaptor Racing
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