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Jo Rhett jorhett at
Sun Mar 22 11:26:47 PDT 2009

On Mar 22, 2009, at 11:16 AM, Ernest Montague wrote:
> I am putting the race bike back together. Flatslides and gen two  
> cams. It ran well last year, and now I can NOT get it running well.   
> It starts and idles fairly well but will NOT take throttle. It  
> backfires through the cannister and sometimes the front carb.   I  
> have checked and changed plugs, redid the plug wires, checked spark,  
> and checked the coil connections. .Fresh gas.  Good battery. Anyone  
> have any suggestions?

When I had that last year it was my IC ignitor.

> Yesterday I got it running after some sputtering and backfiring and  
> it ran perfectly, took gas well.  Now it  is back to not taking  
> throttle.

When it started to fail it would sometimes work and sometimes not.    
Twice I got it to work after spending all day doing things (cleaning  
carbs, etc) but it wouldn't work the next morning.  In retrospect it  
was probably a warm-up thing for the ignitor.

Anyway, testing is easy -- take one off a good bike and if it doesn't  
solve the problem instantly, it wasn't that.

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