Starting bike

Ernest Montague afm199 at
Mon Mar 23 07:19:25 PDT 2009

KC Thanks

I put the flatties on my street bike and it ran fine. It's something 
electrical, I have to slowly work my way through it. Or throw it into 
the ocean like I did my Ducati Diana in 1967.

On Mar 22, 2009, at 10:43 PM, KC Gager wrote:

> Hey Ernie
> Did you look at the slow jets in the carbs sound like its going lean.
> How long did the carbs sit with gas in them..... Will Fox won 650 
> twins and
> F4 this weekend. I was nice to see something other then those dam 
> yellow
> bike at the front.....
> Hey Z where were you this weekend? There was something wrong in the 
> force
> :-)
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> Well I checked the coils and found one was borderline bad, so replaced
> it. Still having problems. ARggh  Will charge up the battery fully
> tonight, pull and clean the plugs and try again tomorrow.

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