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> You said you tried to re-align everything, but in case you didn't do
> this already --
> Leave the upper triple clamps tight.  Completely loosen the lower
> triple clamps.  Sit on the bike, grab a fistful of front brake, and
> jam the front end up and down as hard as you can several times.
> Tighten the lower triple clamps.
> If it's still skewed, forks and/or tree is tweaked.
> Also, as Jo said, get a good straight edge and place it against each
> fork all the way around to see if the tube is bent.
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When all else fails...........
To check for a bent fork tube:
1. Disassemble front end.
2. Take empty fork tubes into kitchen (make sure wife is NOT home).
3. Roll fork tubes on kitchen counter.
             If you hear click click click they're bent!
4. Note to self....................... clean counter BEFORE wife comes home


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