SV650 Digest, Vol 28, Issue 14

Gregg Wagner greggwag at
Sat Mar 28 15:38:01 PDT 2009

Yes, I know about the sequence. I checked the fender for a brace, and  
it doesn't have one--I forgot that the SV doesn't have a fork brace  
in there.

> Gregg Wagner wrote:
>> Then I pump the
>> front end and tighten everything up again. I suppose the metal brace
>> inside the fender could be bent as well--I've had trouble with  
>> those on
>> other bikes in the past.
> As you doubtless know, the sequence matters when retightening.  
> Tighten the axle
> first, then the clamp bolts. If you reverse the sequence you've got  
> the sliders
> clamped to the axle, then you move the axle slightly when  
> tightening. This can
> cause misalignment and binding.
> -js

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