gen-2 tuneup

Roger Gonzalez rg-sv650 at
Sat May 2 15:46:37 PDT 2009

Ok, so I've raced for a while on my 2003, and haven't really done 
anything "maintenancy" to it other than change oil/filter, brakes/fluid, 
tires, and put it back together when I wad it.  When I'm not destroying 
it, it has been pretty appliance-like.

It's probably time to R&R other stuff, I'd think. I've generally been a 
fairly reactive wrencher.  What's some proactive work I should do?  I 
know that my bike dynos a bit lower than its peers.  I run production, 
so no major changes are in the works, but it would be nice to extract as 
much performance as I can.

Thanks for any advice,


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