Clutch pack update

Steve Robertson srobertson at
Sun May 10 22:04:10 PDT 2009

I didn't record the measurements but gen1 frictions have significantly
longer "tabs" than gen2 frictions. Looking at the parts fiche all years
use the same pressure plate and clutch sleeve hub, but the primary
gear assembly is different. Steel plates are the same for all years. The
gen2 uses wave/judder springs and the gen1 does not. Gen1s use longer
clutch springs with spacers while the gen2s have no spacers. Please feel 
free to correct any mistakes I have made.

Anybody have, or know of someone with an old Suzuki GS550? I have a
new set of friction plates that were sold to me as SV650 parts. Free to a
good home. These are OEM Suzuki parts # 21441-45001


>I don't KNOW, but Dan Zlock said not. Do you need one?
> Randy Grein, WMRRA #41

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