Cam chain tensioners

Ernest Montague afm199 at
Sun May 17 09:38:37 PDT 2009

I wondered about that. I just adjusted some manuals according to the 
website, and they definitely don't put as much tension on the chain as 
the piano string tight stock ones.

On May 17, 2009, at 9:13 AM, KC Gager wrote:

> FYI Manuel cam chain pensioners are good for about 2 Hp. less parasitic
> losses. I've seen to many of them fail on all kinds for bike where we 
> put
> manual one on just to be safe, and the fewer parasites are a good thing
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> Has one design of OEM CCT proven to be any better/worse than the
> other? I'm wondering about the kind that doesn't have an oil jet in 
> it. The
> older ones require you to remove the little bolt at the back and then 
> use
> a flat bladed screwdriver to release the tension vs the newer ones 
> that have
> a "ratchet type" mechanism with small teeth on the bit that extends.
> thanks,
> Steve

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