Cam chain tensioners

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Interesting! I'd think that there would be more loss with cam timing  
on a manual adjuster than the parasitic losses, but it just goes to  
show that analysis does not beat testing.

FWIW I know of a number that have failed in this part of the country,  
but (IIRC) they were mostly on GSXRs. I did see several that failed to  
hold on one of my engines; had to replace - and they weren't that old.
Randy Grein, WMRRA #41

On May 17, 2009, at 9:13 AM, KC Gager wrote:

> FYI Manuel cam chain pensioners are good for about 2 Hp. less  
> parasitic
> losses. I've seen to many of them fail on all kinds for bike where  
> we put
> manual one on just to be safe, and the fewer parasites are a good  
> thing
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> Has one design of OEM CCT proven to be any better/worse than the
> other? I'm wondering about the kind that doesn't have an oil jet in  
> it. The
> older ones require you to remove the little bolt at the back and  
> then use
> a flat bladed screwdriver to release the tension vs the newer ones  
> that have
> a "ratchet type" mechanism with small teeth on the bit that extends.
> thanks,
> Steve

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