Cam chain tensioners

KC Gager kc at
Sun May 17 12:35:22 PDT 2009

The testing we have done and Marc @ Factory showed more like 3 but I like to
not over state....i think u all would be amazed at what drag cost you on a
motor. Rings cam chains grears water pumps grears oil valve trains and the
list goes on...and it all adds up.

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> Interesting! I'd think that there would be more loss with cam timing on a
> manual adjuster than the parasitic losses, but it just goes to show that
> analysis does not beat testing.

Rigorous testing, please. Many dyno runs. Same bike. I am doubtful
that there's truly a 2hp loss from using an automatic cam chain
tensioner. That seems like some serious drag on the cam chain and the


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