Cam chain tensioners

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Any time, I take the time to test something and that is anything, I test as
much as I can to make sure the results are fair. I have to admit to being a
bit insulted by your I have attitude. But in the light of fairness. How
about you come down to the shop with your SV a couple of APE tentoiner I'll
give you the same test protectable we used at the time when we tested this.
And we use your time and your bike the confirm what I'm saying. I'll even
give you a deal on Dyno time. That way you can rest assured that I'm not
just some guy shooting off bunch of numbers trying to be some forum hero.
I've already spent the time and the money to come up with the results like
this. Its stuff like this that helps me tune and built some very fast
motorcycles, car, quads, Etc. I have years of winning behind me. But I guess
your math and physics education discounts that.... Jim very good comment on
the light bulb.

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Beth wrote:

> Rigorous testing, please. Many dyno runs. Same bike. I am doubtful
> that there's truly a 2hp loss from using an automatic cam chain
> tensioner. That seems like some serious drag on the cam chain and the
> guides.

Those two horsepower would all have to be lost in the form of heat.

1 hp = 746 watts, so those 2 hp equal 1.5 kilowatts.

Let's see: a typical light bulb uses about half of its power generating
heat, so 
  1500 watts heat would be the heat output of 20 150 watt bulbs. Or about
more than a typical electric space heater on high.

Anyone here ever touched a hot 150 watt bulb? Pretty hot, wasn't it? And
just one...


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