Cam chain tensioners

Beth hacktastic at
Mon May 18 08:17:35 PDT 2009


It was not my intention to hurt your feelings or discredit you or your
business. I'm sure you understand that this is not a personal jab at
you. My interest is finding out the truth, period. Honestly, this
quibble I have is minutia.

I will be satisfied with you describing the test regime used to
produce the figure you gave. That's all I'm asking for and all I have
been asking for throughout this discussion. While I'm sure this will
sound like me "copping out," and I do appreciate the offer for dyno
time, I have no interest in further modifying my SV or using it as a
guinea pig.


On Sun, May 17, 2009 at 11:28 PM, KC Gager <kc at> wrote:
> Beth
> Any time, I take the time to test something and that is anything, I test as
> much as I can to make sure the results are fair. I have to admit to being a
> bit insulted by your I have attitude. But in the light of fairness. How
> about you come down to the shop with your SV a couple of APE tentoiner I'll
> give you the same test protectable we used at the time when we tested this.
> And we use your time and your bike the confirm what I'm saying. I'll even
> give you a deal on Dyno time. That way you can rest assured that I'm not
> just some guy shooting off bunch of numbers trying to be some forum hero.
> I've already spent the time and the money to come up with the results like
> this. Its stuff like this that helps me tune and built some very fast
> motorcycles, car, quads, Etc. I have years of winning behind me. But I guess
> your math and physics education discounts that.... Jim very good comment on
> the light bulb.
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> Beth wrote:
>> Rigorous testing, please. Many dyno runs. Same bike. I am doubtful
>> that there's truly a 2hp loss from using an automatic cam chain
>> tensioner. That seems like some serious drag on the cam chain and the
>> guides.
> Those two horsepower would all have to be lost in the form of heat.
> 1 hp = 746 watts, so those 2 hp equal 1.5 kilowatts.
> Let's see: a typical light bulb uses about half of its power generating
> heat, so
>  1500 watts heat would be the heat output of 20 150 watt bulbs. Or about
> 20%
> more than a typical electric space heater on high.
> Anyone here ever touched a hot 150 watt bulb? Pretty hot, wasn't it? And
> that's
> just one...
> -js

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