Cam chain tensioners

Jim Stewart js at
Mon May 18 09:59:23 PDT 2009

Randy Grein wrote:

> Final bit about this is that a really clever racer might configure the 
> alternator so that it stopped producing power during full throttle 
> application. Even with an SV much of the circuit is run under 
> part-throttle operation. Cutting the alternator to run off the battery 
> (temporary total loss) might give the best of both worlds for endurance 
> racing - during the daytime anyway. (grin)

That'd be simple to implement.

Just use a vacuum switch to control the alternator - put it in the circuit 
between the regulator and alternator.

This was done with air conditioning systems in Ye Olden Dayes when the engine 
was puny and the a/c stole too much power (typically about 2 hp, oddly enough). 
The a/c was shut off at full throttle.


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