Fork oil weight for Kayabas

Steve Robertson srobertson at
Fri May 22 08:09:51 PDT 2009

15W is very heavy for any cartridge forks. Were you happy with the
forks originally and do you know what weight of fork oil and brand
were in there before? Even "5W" can vary significantly from brand to
brand. 5W-7W is the most common

>I have a 2003 SV with a Kayaba front end from a 2003 GSXR10000. I recently 
>had the
> forks serviced, and am starting to notice too much damping over washboards 
> bumps,
> sharps bumps, etc. According to the shop, they put in a 'heavier' weight 
> fork oil, on
> the order of ~15wt. I see that RaceTech recommends around 5wt when mounted 
> on a GSXR.
> Does anyone have recommendations for viscosity/brand for this setup? I'm 
> around
> 200lbs....
> -dave 

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