jetting help

Jim Stewart js at
Thu Nov 19 14:26:53 PST 2009

David kerr wrote:
> picked up a 2000 sv naked. Bone stock except for k&n filter. love to get a pipe but the wallet will not allow.
> Original jetting is still in tact and really lean due to filter.
> There used to be a link at svrider. Can someone suggest a good set-up for the carbs.

The stock setup is lean even with the stock air filter. Here's what I like:

- stock filter with snorkel intact;
- stock pilot jets (15);
- stock 137.5 or 140 main jets;
- one .020" thick shim under needle clips (stock, this shim is found 
above the clip - move it under to raise the needle;
- drill out blank caps so you can adjust the pilot screws to 2-3/4 turns 
from lightly seated.

My pilot screws are set to 3 turns and the bike runs very well but it's 
rich - people behind me can smell the raw gas and I don't have to use 
the choke on a cold engine if the temp is above 60F. I'll set them to 
2-3/4 next time I have the carbs off.


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