100,000 mile sv finally dead (long)

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Mon Oct 19 11:59:19 PDT 2009

I be interested in motor.


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> So, my beloved and well used SV is finally dead. I have no idea what's 
> it's worth in it's current condition and i was hoping to get some help or 
> if someone here is interested in purchasing it.
> I am the original owner of a baby blue '99 SV650X. The bike has about 
> 95,000 miles on it and I have ridden it into the ground. This has been my 
> trusty ride in the canyons before kids and my daily commuter after kids. 
> Ridden in every kind of weather imaginable and maintenance neglected since 
> fatherhood 7 years ago. The bike has never been crashed at high speeds. 
> The bodywork is in fine shape. The bike is completely stock except for:
> cartridge emulators
> ohlins rear shock (about 70k on it)
> Corbin seat (seat cover ripping at the seams)
> Heated hand grips
> tach is broken
> At around 40,000 I was an idiot and blew the original engine. With some 
> help from you all I put a 2nd generation engine in the frame and now with 
> about 70,000 miles on this one (60k by me and 10k on it when purchased), 
> the second engine seems to have developed a compression problem. The local 
> shop say it has good spark and fuel. He thinks the valves may have 
> tightened, bent or burned.
> At this point in my life I need a trusty commuter, i've certainly gotten 
> my money's worth out of it and I don't see any reason to invest in this 
> bike anymore. Hopefully you guys can help me with a plan. Do I:
> Sell it as is locally or on ebay?
> swap the ohlins and corbin back to stock and then sell?
> Part it out?
> Fix it if it can be done for $___ and then sell it?????
> Thanks,
> David
> San Francisco bay area
> P.S. I'm also in the market for a $2,500 and under commuter. Maybe another 
> SV?

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