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KC Gager kc at brgracing.com
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Erne do you know what your geo numbers are. IE have you put digital angle
gauge on the front end and swing arm to see what they are at. Other then
starting there you can try this that and the other. I sure knowing you.
You'll get it trying different stuff. But it would not hurt to base it. If
you like I have a gauge at the shop. If you like stop by and we look at it.
If I where to guess you swing arm is a bit flat and you need more angle it
sounds like the front is good where it is at. But heck what do I know... 

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As long as I am trail braking I can plant the front end wherever I want 
it, T1 at Sears, T4, any turn with the front end with a bit of load.  
(Which makes me realize a bit more front rebound damping would also 
help. It's the long turns on the gas like the carousel where I have to 
work or really pick my line well to avoid drifting out.)

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