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Is your shop still where it was last time I was out there?  It's been 


On Sep 11, 2009, at 8:03 PM, KC Gager wrote:

> Erne do you know what your geo numbers are. IE have you put digital 
> angle
> gauge on the front end and swing arm to see what they are at. Other 
> then
> starting there you can try this that and the other. I sure knowing you.
> You'll get it trying different stuff. But it would not hurt to base 
> it. If
> you like I have a gauge at the shop. If you like stop by and we look 
> at it.
> If I where to guess you swing arm is a bit flat and you need more 
> angle it
> sounds like the front is good where it is at. But heck what do I 
> know...
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> As long as I am trail braking I can plant the front end wherever I want
> it, T1 at Sears, T4, any turn with the front end with a bit of load.
> (Which makes me realize a bit more front rebound damping would also
> help. It's the long turns on the gas like the carousel where I have to
> work or really pick my line well to avoid drifting out.)

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