Refilling radiator

Wade Bartlett wade.bartlett at
Wed Sep 30 17:48:24 PDT 2009

Thumper Ray wrote:
> ...battery dead dead, not discharged dead.  Won't hold a charge. 
 > ...only three years old...keep it on a battery tender...

If it helps ease the pain of your predicament any, 2.5 years is about 
average life span of my motorcycle batteries over the past 30 years of 
riding all sorts of matter how much I spend on them when they 
are new, or how carefully I "Battery Tender" them.  This year's been 
worse than usual (4 batteries) due to a voltage regulator failure in my 
primary street bike, now 19 years old. <sigh>  But maybe next year will 
be the "good" year.  I'm due.   %^)
Peace. -Wade

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