Refilling radiator

Donlon McGovern mcgovern at
Wed Sep 30 19:08:24 PDT 2009

Hey, we have humidity here in Portland, only we call it rain.
Actually Aug and Sept were quite humid by Podunk standards getting up to 73% 
with temps up in the 90s for several record setting days.
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From: "Thumper Ray" <thumperracer at>

 We all have our cross to bear.  You have snow and cold, we have humidity.

 Donlon McGovern <mcgovern at> wrote:
Well, parts of east-central Orygun dropped into the 20's overnight and there
 was new snow at Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood and, our furnace came on
 yesterday morning after a long rest. Getting close to time for dragging out
 the longhandles...

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