Retiring from racing

Randy Grein randygrein at
Wed Apr 28 20:41:38 PDT 2010

Haven't said much (or anything) about it, but I lost partial use of my  
left hand back in December due to a pinched nerve. Took all this time  
to find the problem area but 2 weeks ago my neurosurgeon (a former  
racer) fixed it for me; 3 level laminectomy and removal of a minor  
disk bulge. 4 more weeks of light duty and 3 months before I can go  
back to serious contact sports, but he said full recovery is likely.  
Typing is already a lot better.

Then my wife had an accident and totaled her van. She's bruised but  
OK, the van is totaled, and we will be shopping for a new car for her.  
Between that and college for the kids I've had to make the hard  
decision to retire from racing. Stinks, but there you have it. It's  
been a good 30 years at least. And she insists I keep riding (as if  
I'd quit) on the street, and maybe I'll have time to do a little dirt  

Anyway, we will be selling the current race bike - '03 SV with a Zlock  
motor and a few other goodies including spare wheels, fairings,  
transponders, etc. I'll keep the current street bike and rebuild the  
old superbike as a streetbike for my son, and my dad is giving me his  
'wing. He's finally admitted he can't ride anymore and the thing has  
just been sitting. I'll finally have something comfy enough to take  
the wife for afternoon rides. (grin) Justin has committed to college  
next year and asked me to hold his vintage bike until he's done.

I'll still be around, just not racing.
Randy Grein, WMRRA #141 (retired)

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