Retiring from racing

Ernest Montague afm199 at
Wed Apr 28 21:12:53 PDT 2010

Well it was a good run, Randy.   And I've only quit forever four times, 
so no telling what the future will bring.

Good luck with your hand for sure.


On Apr 28, 2010, at 8:41 PM, Randy Grein wrote:

> Haven't said much (or anything) about it, but I lost partial use of my 
> left hand back in December due to a pinched nerve. Took all this time 
> to find the problem area but 2 weeks ago my neurosurgeon (a former 
> racer) fixed it for me; 3 level laminectomy and removal of a minor 
> disk bulge. 4 more weeks of light duty and 3 months before I can go 
> back to serious contact sports, but he said full recovery is likely. 
> Typing is already a lot better.
> Then my wife had an accident and totaled her van. She's bruised but 
> OK, the van is totaled, and we will be shopping for a new car for her. 
> Between that and college for the kids I've had to make the hard 
> decision to retire from racing. Stinks, but there you have it. It's 
> been a good 30 years at least. And she insists I keep riding (as if 
> I'd quit) on the street, and maybe I'll have time to do a little dirt 
> riding.
> Anyway, we will be selling the current race bike - '03 SV with a Zlock 
> motor and a few other goodies including spare wheels, fairings, 
> transponders, etc. I'll keep the current street bike and rebuild the 
> old superbike as a streetbike for my son, and my dad is giving me his 
> 'wing. He's finally admitted he can't ride anymore and the thing has 
> just been sitting. I'll finally have something comfy enough to take 
> the wife for afternoon rides. (grin) Justin has committed to college 
> next year and asked me to hold his vintage bike until he's done.
> I'll still be around, just not racing.
> Randy Grein, WMRRA #141 (retired)

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