first gen cam end-play

Morgan Jones morgan at
Thu Apr 29 07:45:23 PDT 2010

Hello Everyone,

I am only a weekend mechanic so bear with me if my terminology is off..

I recently had some motor work done on my worked '99 SV650.  The front cylinder needed a new base gasket and 2 new valves.  The work was done by a competent motor builder.  He's a little resistant to the idea that he did anything wrong so I'd like some insight from you folks before talking to him.  If I can fix this myself all the better.

I just started the motor for the first time since the work and it makes an ominous clunking noise from the front cylinder when the bike is tilted to the left.  You only have to tilt it slightly: think leaning the bike to avoid another bike while backing out of the garage.

I pulled the front valve cover with a friend and local Euro mechanic and the top cam moves left to right just slightly but enough certainly to cause the clunk.

The bike is far from stock: it's a 680, has Yoshimura race cams and modified valves.. I did not have the work done though I've had the bike for years and probably 25 track days so there's nothing inherently wrong with the bike.

I presume there should not be right-left play in the cam?  Is there adjustment?  We know the cylinder was removed so is there a chance there's something missing or an adjustment he failed to make?

Any insight would be great.



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