Cheap Brake Lines: Russell.

Wendell Crain wendellcrain at
Wed Aug 25 04:47:56 PDT 2010

Just because something isn't as expensive as another does not make it
inferior. The price point for Russell is lower than Galfer or the
others. The quality of manufacture is the same. I would give them an
A+ for the tech support I received. If something works just as well,
but costs less, do you pay the extra just to put a sticker on your
bike? Yes, if you are running for contingency. Otherwise, keep your
money and spend it on other parts.

On Tue, Aug 24, 2010 at 9:41 PM, KC Gager <kc at> wrote:
> I'm sorry but when I hear cheap brake.... sends a shutter though my whole
> body. I'm not sure if I'd like any thing cheap when it comes to brakes. No
> good value I'm right there.....

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