jetting/carb debug help (cont.)

matthew patton pattonme at
Sat Aug 28 02:55:10 PDT 2010

I'm working off the Factory Pro v1 kit and a BMC race filter + yosh race pipe. Per their instruction sheet:

140/142 mains
Factory needle at 3 clips
2.25 turns on mixture

0-6000 RPM works pretty much flawlessly.

from 6000 rpm at any throttle opening of 1/16 or more the motor bucks and gags and refuses to run.

Is my needle circuit working at all? I'm guessing that the slide isn't rising near fast enough when the butterfly opens.

I've pushed on the slide and they return home from full up in about "one thou" (speak 'one thousand').

If the slide is too slow to rise, what do I need to fix? Would any of the little air jets in the mouth of the carb be the problem?

Or is it all 'mains' from 6000+ on up?


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