wanted: '01 stator

Brian Mullen vnvbandit at gmail.com
Fri Feb 19 09:38:23 PST 2010

I had the same problem with another brand of bike only starting upon the release of the starter button. It ended up being the ign. Module going bad.


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Dave C wrote:

It's been many months but I seem to recall seeing about 70 volts.

The other odd thing is that even with a brand new battery charged 

to the hilt with a Battery Tender, I don't have enough voltage 

at the spark gap until I let off the starter button; if it's going 

to start, it'll catch as soon as I let mu thumb off the button.

It's gonna rain this weekend so I'll tear the seat and rear cowling 

off and have another look (street bike).

On Thu, Feb 18, 2010 at 08:41:45PM -0800, Andy wrote:

> You can measure somewhere between 50 and 80 volts I think on the three 

> pin connector across any two pins. Remember at that point it is AC. I 

> toasted my stator, it was pretty obvious when I pulled the cover. If I 

> remember right, I could measure decent voltage between two pins, but 

> between either of those pins and the third pin the voltage was way 

> lower. That is the burnt out coil. Also the output of the regulator was 

> only about 12.5V. The end result of this was that I could run two days 

> before the battery was so low it couldn't start.



> Andy



> David Carmean wrote:

> > I replaced the regulator on my '01 some time ago... and that 

> > didn't fix the not-charging problem.  Any other ideas besides 

> > replacing the stator?  Surefire way to test the stator?

> >

> > (It shouldn't matter, but I ended up with a Gen-II regulator 

> > by mistake so I spliced in the connector from the original, if 

> > it turns out that it *does* matter....)

> >

> > If that's the next step, anybody have one for an '01?

> >

> >

> >   

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