any engineers in the house?

Steve Robertson srobertson at
Tue Jan 19 22:31:43 PST 2010


Thanks for the explanation, especially since my compression is a tad higher than stock.
Corners can often be cut, the skill is in knowing where! I have heard of people running 
lightened stock units with 3 bolts but I am leary of removing bolts inside the motor or on 
critical components. My superbike motor is sitting in my garage after a stock bolt failed. 
Big, big mess :-(

> No. Problem is in part clamping force, part in distribution, and part  
> in that the cranking forces are not going to be dependent on the mass  
> of the starter clutch assembly but of the crank, rod and piston, to  
> say nothing of compression ratio. Very unlikely it's going to need  
> half the bolts without breaking.

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