Wheel fitment

matthew patton pattonme at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 30 12:31:16 PST 2010

it should be easier with a Gen2. That said you'd have to find a custom bearing to fit the big GSXR axle - I don't believe the dia is the same. My personal route would be to make collars to upsize the stock SV axle to the GSXR fork bosses instead. I did that on a ZR7 wheel+ZX6E fork pairing since they were off by just 2mm.

I believe rotor offset ie. hub width is same between Gen2 and GSXR wheels so rotor offsets shouldn't be necessary. Pad sweep could well be a problem since I'm pretty sure the SV rotors are smaller in diameter. Solution there is to bolt up GSXR rotors.

a GSXR wheel is $100 or less. Why you'd even bother trying this hack is beyond me though.

If you want to run fully adjustable cartirdge forks on your SV, just swap the guts. Zoran maintains the SV brakes are good enough. I doubt radials are really worth the bother. Radial MC might be a different story.


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