yamaha master cylinder

Gregory Maust gmaust at gmail.com
Sun Jul 11 09:05:39 PDT 2010

Technically you're dealing with pressure. Pressure is force divided by area
(P = F/A). A smaller diameter means a smaller area, and thus less force is
needed from the lever to produce the same pressure. Conversely, a larger
diameter's increased area necessitates increased force to produce the same

Leverage is largely an issue of lever length (or distance from axis of
rotation), and should be constant so long as your hand is at the same spot
on the brake lever. The improvement in braking systems have let us use less
and less leverage to get the same results, hence the stubby levers and
one-fingered braking.

Sorry, I can't help myself sometimes :P
Gregory Maust

The same diameter as a stock GSXR m/c will work just like the stock GSXR
> brake system. Smaller diameter m/c will give more leverage for lighter
> feel with longer lever travel. Larger diameter gives less leverage
> requiring a harder squeeze.
> -js

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