yamaha master cylinder

Brad Duncan mcrcr906 at bellsouth.net
Sun Jul 11 12:14:18 PDT 2010

I think what Steve is looking for is the year/model Yamaha that is the same bore as stock 06/07 GSXR. Masters come in so many sizes(5/8",14, 16, 18)and mismatching produces widely varying results. Suzuki changed m/c bore from 06/07 GSXR's to 08/09 models along with caliper piston size. My 06 750 had great brakes with no issues..My 08 750, not so much. Always vague and "mushy" in comparison. Same fluid, same pads.....Sorry Steve, you may get more info over "gixxer.com!" :-o

Brad Duncan

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Lots of discussion about one issue. Most MCs are the same diameter, and ALL will "work" with any other system.   ANY MC with the same diameter ( almost every modern japanese bike) will work fine.

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