yamaha master cylinder

wmontoya at znet.com wmontoya at znet.com
Sun Jul 11 13:04:26 PDT 2010

> Technically you're dealing with pressure. Pressure is force divided by
> area(P = F/A)...
> Leverage is largely an issue of lever length (or distance from axis of
> rotation), and should be constant so long as your hand is at the same
> spot...

   "yes" on the former, "partly yes" on the latter... volume is also an
important factor in the "lever throw" result, with the volume of fluid
pushed from the MC into the caliper having a significant impact on how far
the lever needs to be pushed (e.g. how much fluid volume the caliper needs
to push the pad against the rotor).. ...  so a smaller diam. piston for the
MC will require less force at the lever AND a longer throw at the lever,
even w/ lever length held constant.

   volume displaced/tranferred is the "other factor" that must be considered
such matters.

regards...   WM

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