yamaha master cylinder

Dave C dlc-mica at halibut.com
Sun Jul 11 15:16:06 PDT 2010


...I believe there have been (aircraft control usability design) studies
that show that our hands/fingers are more sensitive to mechanical
displacement than simple force, so given a "stiff" system with minimal
loss due to hose expansion (and of course no air), in theory you should
be able to control brake pad pressure more precisely with a longer
lever throw.

On Sun, Jul 11, 2010 at 09:05:39AM -0700, Gregory Maust wrote:
> Technically you're dealing with pressure. Pressure is force divided by area
> (P = F/A). A smaller diameter means a smaller area, and thus less force is
> needed from the lever to produce the same pressure. Conversely, a larger
> diameter's increased area necessitates increased force to produce the same
> pressure.
> Leverage is largely an issue of lever length (or distance from axis of
> rotation), and should be constant so long as your hand is at the same spot
> on the brake lever. The improvement in braking systems have let us use less
> and less leverage to get the same results, hence the stubby levers and
> one-fingered braking.
> Sorry, I can't help myself sometimes :P
> Gregory Maust
> The same diameter as a stock GSXR m/c will work just like the stock GSXR
> > brake system. Smaller diameter m/c will give more leverage for lighter
> > feel with longer lever travel. Larger diameter gives less leverage
> > requiring a harder squeeze.
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> > -js
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