Need Advice on Parting out SV.

Patrick Mullen pmullen.lists at
Mon Jul 19 16:22:56 PDT 2010

> Where is the rear brake and Rotor, Sorry to change the subject!

Looks like he wants to make sure aircraft can see his front turn
signal, too!  ;)

I've always found parting out a bike to not be worth the effort over
just selling it as one piece, but I know a lot of people have success
going that route.  Put the rear brake back on and you should get $2k,
maybe a little more for the bike.  You may or may not be able to get
that much for the parts and anything that's not sold is left lying
around.  I just sold a 2000 SV650 for $2200 and it wasn't as pretty as

Whichever route you go, good luck!

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