Why Zoran safety wires swingarm adjusters

Ernest Montague afm199 at earthlink.net
Wed Jul 28 16:33:13 PDT 2010

Monday I discovered why Zman safety wires the swingarm adjusters to the 
swing arm. Always wondered.

Mine are ten years old with many many adjustments.  The adjuster bolts 
are nice and sloppy.

The left bolt backed out ( in two sessions) far enough to allow the 
adjuster pop out of the swingarm. ( Note, the axle was tight and held 
the wheel perfectly, the adjuster just backed out.)

  When the swingarm adjuster backs out far enough it can  turn sideways. 
When it turns sideways one end hits free air, the other end hits the 
sprocket.  My Vortex sprocket now has a nice wide groove worn into it, 
and I am LUCKY the adjuster did not turn a bit more and go into the 
sprocket holes, thus destroying the adjuster, sprocket, swingarm, and 
probably my bike as the rear sprocket locked up.


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