In an accident‏

Wendell Crain wendellcrain at
Mon Jun 7 08:34:04 PDT 2010

My wife loaned her GS500 to the daughter's boyfriend. He didn't pay
attention when entering the lot at the gas station. Head-on with
someone trying to leave the station in a hurry. He says he was only
going 5-10 mph, but when impacted the bike stopped going forward and
was shoved back. It didn't get knocked over, so no more plastic damage
than it already had. I am thinking possible rim or fork damage. I have
not taken things apart yet to check those. Anything else that should
be checked? What about the neck of the frame? Anyway to check that
without a machine?

Oh, the best part is the boy moved the bike to be out of way so they
could exchange info. The woman shouted out her window as she drove
off, "It was your fault!" I've already told my wife she should see if
the station has any video surveillance.



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