nonsv content: gold wing poor gas mileage

Andy andy at
Fri Jun 11 20:57:42 PDT 2010

On 06/11/2010 08:51 PM, Randy Grein wrote:
>  But gas mileage is crap, 3/4 of a 6.5 gallon tank in 110 miles and I 
> wasn't going that fast. Other than the cruise control light being on I 
> can't think of anything that would cut gas milage in half without 
> running like shit. Ideas?
I assume a flat 4 in the 1200->1400 range. Is it carbs or FI ? How are 
you measuring consumption, just from the fuel gauge, or did you start 
with a full tank, ride, and then fill it back up to figure out how much 
you had used ? Also was it cruising, or about town ?


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