nonsvcontent: update on Gold Wing

Jim Stewart js at
Sun Jun 20 11:35:48 PDT 2010

Randy Grein wrote:
> After a few hundred miles and a couple tanks of gas milage has improved. 
> Turns out there are 2 gallons left when it hits the red line on the gas 
> gauge. Keeping it under 65 really helps, even a few excursions over 70 
> drops overall milage below 37, keeping it between 60 and 65 nets 40 mpg. 

It makes a difference on all of our bikes. I usually get about 45 on my 
SV (first gen.), but I managed to get 35 on I-5 with saddlebags at 85 
mph. OTOH, one ride a couple of years ago we were going rather slowly (I 
think it was because one of the bikes had a problem) and I was astounded 
to see 56 mpg over 240 miles.

One friend I ride with has a GSXR 600 and usually gets 35-37 mpg when I 
get 45. What's up with that? It feels fine and runs well. Is this what 
happens when you run a GSXR at low revs?

> Still miss the racetrack though. Might show up for WMRRA's endurance 
> race...

On the Gold Wing?????? Where and when? I'd pay to see that!


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