flatslides tuning question

Morgan Jones morgan at morganjones.org
Mon Jun 28 08:06:23 PDT 2010

Hello everyone,

I have a first gen superbike that among other things has flatslide carbs.  I just got the bike back from some motor repair work (front valves were replaced).  It runs fine but doesn't idle consistently--namely it just seems a touch low.

Most bikes have a knob that just adjusts where the throttle stops so you can just turn the idle up a touch.

These seem to have  a stop for on each carb.  I tried turning both a consistent amount and it only seems to make it worse.

I'm wondering if just turning them consistently isn't enough and in fact I need to synchronize them?

I haven't dug into it extensively but is there a spot on the flatslides to attach carb sticks?  Do I sound like I'm on the right track?



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