First gen backpopping..

Morgan Jones morgan at
Tue Jun 29 16:46:53 PDT 2010

Here's what I did..  I was troubleshooting in the hot sun at  a track day so not as scientific as it could be..

I put in 2 new jets since I did bitch up the screw driver slot a bit and Street and Comp had the jets for $5 a piece.

What I think fixed it though was replacing a plug on on the rubber between the front carb and the cylinder.. I found the plug on my garage floor after getting the bike back from engine work and put it aside.  I swear it didn't pop like this when I test rode it around the block but perhaps it did.

KC--it has long backpopped just a little so the next change will be a needle change.  Also, your answer on my idle problem yesterday was right on.. I cleaned the idle jets and it idled fine.

I just got the bike back from some motor work so today was a shake-down..  a few issues had to be worked through.

Thanks for the help.


On Jun 29, 2010, at 10:19 AM, KC Gager wrote:

> Slow jet to small may need to go up one. Try going up onr the needle that is
> down on the clip....  good luck 
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> Subject: First gen backpopping..
> I cleaned the jets yesterday due to poor idle.  It seemed fine last  
> night but I didn't ride it..
> Today it's backpopping on decel and partial throttle.  It's totally  
> ridable just annoying.
> Any thoughts?  It's a supervike with flatslides and motor work.
> Thanks
> -morgan

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