Getting into racing

dsapsis dsapsis at
Tue Mar 2 22:19:25 PST 2010


Llicense about $100, and if thats keeping you from racing, you got lots 
of other worries.
All clubs have some sort of novice stage, but for these two clubs WSMC 
is short, based on the accumualtion of points from dedicated novice 
races that are displacement based.  WERA runs full novice championships.

All that aside, guy needs to hit the track before deciding to race, no?

Steve Robertson wrote:
> For someone getting into racing in the southern Cali area what are the options as far as different clubs?
> What is required and what does it cost to get a race license? Do they normally start off as a novice or do
> the clubs only have amateur and expert? (or whatever names they use)
> The guy only has street experience but has been riding for a couple of years.
> thanks,
> Steve

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