Diagnostics help

Joanna Moss jo at fapg.net
Mon May 3 18:00:00 PDT 2010

On 5/3/10 4:33 PM, Patrick Mullen wrote:

> To those who suspected an electrical issue and/or that it was only
> firing on one cylinder, you were correct!  I determined it was not
> running on the rear cylinder by using the "dump water on the headers
> and make sure it vaporizes" technique.  I lifted up the tank to check
> the wiring and saw the plug wire laying neatly across the back of the
> cylinder head, under the tank where I couldn't see it.  Oops.
> *sheepish grin*

BTDT. You are not alone. :-) Glad it was an easy fix.

- Joanna

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