weird highbeam problem

Jo Rhett jorhett at
Mon Nov 22 22:05:33 PST 2010

Testing with DC 20 I saw positive 11V across the switch in the normal position.  When I flipped to highbeam the voltage reversed to -11V.  Makes sense that it's a polarity reversing switch, and that means it's good, yeah?

I traced all the way back through the exposed connector blocks and every one confirmed the same voltage on each side, so it doesn't seem to be a failed connector (Andy's reported problem).

And finally I replaced all of the light hardware with the front end off of my '02 sv650 (which is now a racebike) and that shows the same problem.  So is it down to being inside the front panel display?  Or where else should I check?

On Oct 4, 2010, at 3:11 PM, Wade Bartlett wrote:
> It the bulbs don't seem to be the issue, and you're not blowing fuses, how
> about the switch itself? If the little pieces in there are goofed up such
> that they don't make solid enough contact each time, you may be getting a
> "no circuit energized" condition when you select HIGH.  That's where I'd
> look. Peace. -Wade Bartlett, lurker.
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> From: Jo Rhett
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> On my street '01 sv650s I've got a weird problem.  If I turn on the
> highbeams, the headlights turn off entirely.  (like if I do this at night, I
> lose all light)
> Symptoms:
>   Headlights are unaffect, just when I put on highbeams
>   When it happens, the blue highbeam light does not light (only way I know
> in the daytime)
>   Fuse is fine.
>   I have swapped all of the bulbs involved at this point, and the problem
> still keeps reoccuring.   I never know for sure if it is solved because it
> usually works after swapping bulbs.
>   This comes and goes.  It worked normally for 2-3 months and I thought the
> problem had disappeared, but reappeared last night on a late night Highway 9
> trip.   It seems to stay in one state or another for at least a week.  This
> has been going on for about 2 years now.
> Is there anything else I should check or swap?

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