noise question

andy andy at
Mon Oct 4 14:57:42 PDT 2010

Not sure if 2nd gens are differenet, but 1st gens were notorious for 
ticking cam chains, since the CCT go in clicks. SO the cam chain would 
have to loosen a bit before the tensioner could click to the next 
position. Put on pods and a louder exhaust and the problem will go away !


On Mon, 4 Oct 2010, E Montague server wrote:

> I've got one that I can't solve.
> The motor is making a ticking, almost like a cam chain hitting a cover. Increases with RPMs
> Not a rod knock.
> I've had the valve caps off, checked and adjusted valves, CCTs work fine.  No odd wear marks on the cam chains and none of the caps or towers. I can't seem to figure it. Even pulled the stator  cover to check the starter clutch
> ideas appreciated.
> Ernie

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