need your feedback on our events

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Check with the CVI chapter folks.
They've organized lots of benefits
for vets.
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> Hi everyone!
> Our organization, Hogs 4 Heroes, is putting together a series of 
> 200-mile
> motorcycle rides around the country each year.  In addition to 
> generating
> revenue through the event registrations, the non-profit's sponsor, 
> Polski
> Sausage, is donating money from the sale of their sausage products 
> over
> the next three years (hence the name "hogs").
> Proceeds will go to the Yellow Ribbon Fund, which provides programs 
> and
> services to wounded soldiers and their families.
> We want these events to be some of the best rides around.  The riders 
> will
> stop along the route at about 6-8 locations and pick up tickets, which
> they will write their name/# on and drop in the bucket at the end of 
> the
> ride.  15% of the registration fees will be awarded in cash prizes at 
> the
> party that night (along with lots of door prizes).
> Included in the registration fee will be entrance to the party that 
> night
> (which includes free food, live entertainment, and two beer tokens)
> T-shirt, patch, chance to win lots of cash, and each stop on the route
> will have live music and refreshments.
> No beer will be consumed during the ride!  We want the integrity of 
> the
> events to mirror the integrity of the benefactors--our brave soldiers.
> Any feedback you all could offer on how to make these events 
> sensational
> would be greatly appreciated.
> What are some things you look forward to at events such as these? 
> What
> are some of the coolest activities you've seen at motorcycle events? 
> Is
> our website clear and concise?  Where do you get info on upcoming 
> events?
> I welcome any constructive criticism.  Thanks so much.
> Linley

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