[MC-CHASSIS-DESIGN] Fwd: Steering dampers - a warning.

Patrick Mullen pmullen.lists at gmail.com
Wed Sep 8 21:46:19 PDT 2010

> I just let go of the throttle.

Actually, usually for a tank slapper you want to get *ON* the
throttle.  If you get off the throttle, the forks compress, which
decreases trail and increases the rate of oscillation.

Obviously this depends upon there being enough room to be able to get
on the throttle.

> my bike.  I can't think of think that has changed on the bike recently
> to make this happen.  But twice a lap....I get to wonder am I going to

New tires?  Suspension sagging?  Getting faster?

I don't care what the article says.  Get a steering damper and
everything becomes easier.  You never realize how much attention you
put into keeping the wheels (especially the front) where you want them
to be until the damper takes care of that for you.

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