Stock second gen forks

Patrick Mullen pmullen.lists at
Mon Sep 20 10:16:36 PDT 2010

The cow-orker who bought my old bike tossed it down over the weekend.  ><

Anyone have any stock second-gen forks for sale?  All he needs are the
forks, not the triples, axle, or wheel.  Though you could probably get
him to buy all of it if you didn't want to split the set.

I'm just a facilitator here; I have no personal interest in this other
than hoping to see my old bike back on the road.  It would be a deal
between you and him.

He may also need second gen naked headlight bucket and associated
bracketry, stock handlebars, and first-gen instrument cluster.  He
thinks the instruments themselves may work but the "chrome" plastic
shroud is busted so a non-working cluster should suffice.


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