Annual pledge drive, final notice

H Marc Lewis marcl at
Tue Feb 8 06:57:39 PST 2011

This is the FINAL solicitation for donations to the upkeep of for calendar year 2011.  I won't bug you again until 2012.
(micapeak powers this mailing list, assorted Web sites & other services).


Gifts (in US dollars) can be made in two ways.  The PREFERRED WAY is
to use PayPal.  Log into and click "Send Money",
then put "marcl at" in the TO: box and fill in an amount.
Then click the "Personal" tab and make sure "Gift" is selected.  
Click "Continue" to finish up.  That's it!

The LESS-desirable method is to send a check in US Dollars to: 

    H M Lewis (
    PO Box 14755
    Spokane, WA 99214


That's the request.  For most of you, this note is a familiar reminder.
You know what to do, or not do, and you need read no further.  If you're
still with me, however, I'll be a tiny bit more verbose.

On the positive front, our server ( has been running 
continuously for going on 2 years, and has been live on the 'net for
about 16 years.  Ya gotta love Linux systems, eh?  BTW -- micapeak also
and a dozen other sites.

The economic slump the USA seems to be stuck in is still affecting folks
with grey hair and long resumes, but Carl and I are doing okay.  Nothing
like it was a dozen years ago, but those good times may never return.
C'est la vie!

My long-standing promise to keep et all running no matter what
still holds, but if you can spare a few bucks, we'd be ever so grateful.

Carl and I know that some of the folks for whom this mailing list is an
important part of daily life would like to show their appreciation with a
modest gift.  We encourage you to think about how much time you spend
each day following this list, or using micapeak's other resources. If it
seems worthwhile to you, then please consider sending something. 

We will continue to operate the mailing lists, and other 
Websites for the foreseeable future (we even have sections in our wills
to make sure the online stuff survives us).  There is no obligation for
you to send anything, and you'll continue to get the email and Webpages
we serve for free.  But we'd appreciate it if you'd help out...

Thanks in advance! 



Let's not make this a topic of discussion on the mailing list, OK?
Send us a gift or don't, as it suits you, but we have neither the time
nor the energy to discuss the subject further than what you see above.
And we're sure your fellow subscribers would rather not have the list 
itself cluttered with more than this notice on the subject.

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