GSXR Fork Conversion dust seal?

Henrik Bo Pedersen henrikbp at
Mon Jul 4 16:11:58 PDT 2011

I'm finally getting around to putting GSXR forks on my 1999 SV using Zoran's bearing kit.

Question: What do you guys recommend for dust seal at the top bearing?

At the bottom I used what I think is the GSXR seal: a thin brass finish metal washer with a rubber sealing edge. It fit nicely up into the SV steering head.

The SV rubber cup could fit between the top bearing and the tension nut - the one with notches for a hook spanner - and would seal around the top of the steering head.

The GSXR type would fit in the same spot between the bearing and the tension nut and might seal onto the top of the steering head.

What say ye?



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