2004-05 GSX-R forks & Yamaha monoblock calipers

Zoran zv30 at sbcglobal.net
Sat Jul 23 22:03:41 PDT 2011

I machined many of this calipers to work with 300 rotors. It is 8mm not 10.
Or you can use srad gen rotors as mentioned and 2mm spacers.
Steel centering bushing needs to come out regardless what you use.


Zoran Vujasinovic
TWF Racing

On Jul 23, 2011, at 5:11 PM, Henrik Bo Pedersen wrote:

> I put 2005-05 forks on my '99 SV and was going to use Yamaha monoblock calipers of similar vintage. I thought it was a direct bolt-on, but it looks to me like the Yamaha calipers sit ~10mm proud. In other words, they'd need to sit ~10mm lower in order for the brake pads to make full contact with the rotors.
> I could try to  remove the steel centering bushings in the Yamaha calipers, but that would only buy me an additional ~3mm.
> I could try to have 10mm machined off of the Yamaha "stand-offs" but from vague memory didn't think it was necessary.
> Thoughts?
> Henrik

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